Creativity and Invention!
May 10, 2024
Derek Gable
Creativity and Invention!

We're pleased to welcome Derek Gable to our meeting to share his thoughts on creativity, invention, entrepreneurship and brining joy into the world on a daily basis!

Check out this great article on Derek from PV Magazine


Derek J Gable Bio - Living The American Dream

A Fun Filled life filled with Invention and Inspiration

Derek is a very successful inventor, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker for over 50 years with close to 100 inventions in the market and over 60 patents in many different categories toys to medical products. He ran a large part of the Think Tank at Mattel for 16 years inventing and or managing many big hits including Barbie and Hot Wheels items plus starting Masters of the Universe. He invented the first recording Real Estate Lock Box and started a company that controlled 80% of the business worldwide and employed over 200. Started West Coast Innovations in 1984 that has licensed many toy hits to all the major toy companies including Mattel, Hasbro, Fisher Price and Spinmaster. Derek mentors budding inventors and high school students including (for the last 10 years) running a very successful program for budding teen entrepreneurs along with the PV Chamber Extensive experience giving lectures and inspirational talks on many topics to diverse audiences from schools to business to clubs to cruise ships. Derek was voted Citizen of The Year for Palos Verdes in 2022 by The PV Chamber