Pictured above: District Governor Doug Baker, who will make his official visit to our club this Friday. Be there to hear him expound on how to make Rotary bigger, better, and bolder when "Asleep at the Wheel."

Canned-Goodd Collection Begins This Friday

Under Aryn Sieber's direction, we've started a canned-goods collection to help those who need extra food in their cupboards. BRING ITEMS THIS WEEK and every Friday thereafter.

Prez Keith says . . .

Need a favor! Governor Doug Baker will be visiting this Friday. Tough month for a visit. Many people are on vacation. I ask that you make an effort to join us. Let's show the Governor how we are making Rotary "Bigger, Better, Bolder" without falling "Asleep at the Wheel."

If you have not marked your calendar for Wednesday, November 3, PVGC for our signature event, Educator of the Year, please do so. Tickets are $45 each. Contact one of the Committee members about tickets. Harry Kitter is the designated treasurer for this event. Remember, the only Rotary events covered in your dues this year are the Christmas Holiday Party and the Demotion dinner. You will need to purchase a ticket for yourself and each guest.

Board members (this includes all committee chairs) please make sure you have reserved the 1:30 PM time after our August 13 luncheon for a Board meeting. We will hear from Judge Michael Vicencia from the California Judges Association as our speaker that day. See you soon!

If You Missed Us on July 30

So. Cal Water Shortage Promises Crisis Ahead

--by Carolyn Lehr

As the "hard-core" Rotarians were in place well before the bell rang, and the others tried to drift in unnoticed (fearful of the wrath of the new prez), we were greeted by the sunshiny face of Kjell-Ake Hellberg and registrar Norton Donner.

Keith Deisenroth opened the meeting at 12:15 pm sharp. He called up the charming Inga Liden, who gave a thoughtful invocation inspired by Ghandi, called the Eight Blunders of the World. Woody Woodruff bravely led the group in a special rendition of America the Beautiful--special for the multiple changes in octaves that most of us tried to quietly maneuver. We enjoyed a lovely Chinese buffet at the Golf Club.

At 12:40 pm, the Prez introduced Liz Fitzgerald who surveyed the tables for guests, other than the guest speaker. Alas, there were none! Not to be deterred by a minor detail, accompanied us in a rousing Welcome Song, to ensure we didn't lose our touch for when we do have guests next week.

After announcing that Allen Colman has TWO new grandchildren, President Keith reminded us of the Literacy Breakfast on September 10 at Lawry's in Beverly Hills. Another event for the calendar is the District picnic on September 12 at the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach November 4.

The raffle featured Merlot as well as Chardonnay. Carolyn Lehr was busy taking notes and so was happy to pick up the white wine on her way out the door.

Keith read a thank you note from last week's guest speaker, Cynthia Brown, who informed us about Edison's new SmartConnect meters, and true to her word provided answers to questions raised by members.

Keith wants all of us to sign up for the Educator of the Year event, and encouraged us to check out La Rotacion to read up on the phenomenal job the committee is doing in selecting the awardees. Already the committee has raised $6,000 in sponsorship donations!

Another major event, which is co-sponsored by Rotary and Chamber of Commerce, is Citizen of the Year, to be held at the Terranea Resort on October 15. Honorees this year will be Steve and Marlene Young.

Concours d'Elegance announcements were at the tables. Two years ago, Rotary brought in $15,000, and this year splitting the proceeds with the PV Art Center we hope to bring in $10,000 each.

Keith announced that next week District Governor Baker will visit us, and Keith asks that we refer to him as "Governor" and to honor him with a standing ovation.

Following a delightful dentist joke, Greg O'Brien announced additional upcoming guest speakers: August 13 speaker from the Judges Association, and August 20 will be PVP Land Conservancy Executive Director Andrea Vona.

Jackie Ignon encouraged folks to sign up for Rotary in the Home, through Labor Day, both to host as well as to attend. Greg then introduced our guest speaker for the day, Ron Waldermuth from the West Basin Water District. Mr. Waldermuth has served over the years in a variety of challenging public affairs positions, including under General Schwartzkopf. Ron explained that West Basin Water District provides wholesale drinking water to our region from northern California. He warned that we have a looming crisis due to a water shortage, and predicted that with population growth, the next war would be over water!

Even the eastern states are fighting over water. In his presentation, called Water Reliability 2020, Ron explained that Southern California simply cannot exist without importing water from northern California as well as Colorado. The water system pipeline was undersized to begin with--designed for 18 million population. Additionally, the Delta became developed and displaced the water sources. Mr. Waldermuth warned that if we suffered a major earthquake, we could lose water for two years because the fresh water supplies would be infiltrated by salt water.

To add to the pressure, we cannot pump water for approximately 30% of the time, due to the required protection of endangered species of fish. And, Colorado is predicted to become a dust bowl as global warming continues. But, So Cal water agencies are actively working on the problem. Orange County and soon LA County will turn to purifying sewer water. The West Basin Water District is reducing our reliance on water from northern California by 50% through conservation efforts and desalinization processes. Ron pointed out, that dealing with the water problem locally and reducing the need for import, we are also reducing our energy usage!

The State of California asks that we all reduce our household water usage by 20 gallons each day (the five-minute shower!). Ron announced that West Basin will open its $10 million demonstration de-sal plant in Redondo Beach, and described with pride how the new process will even respond to the environmentalists.

Ron answered many questions from the Rotarians, especially on how to reduce our personal water usage. Keith wrapped up by presenting Ron with a Certificate of Mobility donation in Ron's name.

Aryn Sieber announced the launching of a food drive to collect canned goods on Fridays, and asked for help with the upcoming student backpack program in October and November. We adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Celebrating in August

Charles Elias   /    Aug 1, 1979
Mary Jane Schoenheider   /    Aug 28, 1987
Irwin Gebroe (honorary)    /    Aug 1, 1993
Keith Deisenroth   /    Aug 2, 2002
Aryn Sieber   /    Aug 7, 2009

Mary Jane Schoenheider   /    Aug 15
Bob Gulcher   /    Aug 26
Len Danryd   /    Aug 28

Kendra & Steve Day   /    Aug 4
Diane & Jeff Parker   /    Aug 5
Mary Todd & Peter McCormack   /    Aug 9
Donna & Rick Learned   /    Aug 15
Don & Donna Duperon   /    Aug 20
Wendy & Allen Bond   /    Aug 21
Lynn & Bruce Attig   /    Aug 21
Suzanne & Paul Rubincam   /    Aug 25
Cheryl & Shell Hellberg   /    Aug 30

Congratulations to all!

Personals: Info From the Trenches

CORRECTION: While Allan Colman does have two new grandchildren, they are not both girls, as erroneously reported last week. One is a girl, Lila, and the other a boy, Garrett.