Pictured: Above the waist, Club President Keith Deisenroth donned his formal best in honor of District Governor Doug Baker's official visit to our club. Below the waist, it's another story and a photo that shouldn't be seen.


Under Aryn Sieber's direction, we're continuing a canned-goods collection for our Food for Kids program. BRING ITEMS THIS WEEK and every Friday thereafter.

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Prez Keith says . . .

Many thanks to Governor Doug Baker for sharing his enlightening remarks on his vision to make Rotary bigger, better, and bolder. Governor Doug, Joe, and Glenn all extended written thanks to the membership for the Club's gracious hospitality. Governor Doug referred to us as "a silent gem on the Hill."

Thank you for the great start on our "Food-for-Kids" program. We filled the red bucket. Remember to bring those can goods each week. Aryn, Bruce, Joan, Inga, and Joey will be sharing more of our projects with you in the near future.

Contact Steve Day with those new members you have identified and need some help with. Please join us Friday to hear Judge Michael Vicencia from the California Judges Association. He will share with us how we keep the doors of justice open. Don't miss it.

Board members (which includes all committee chairs) please make sure you have reserved the 1:30 to 2:30PM time for our general Board meeting after the regular meeting. We will meet as we did in July.

Wonder what fashionable clothing the Prez will be wearing? Hmmmmm?

If You Missed Us on August 6

Bigger, Bolder, Better!
Doug Baker Delivers Riveting Remarks in One of the Best-Ever DG Presentations

--by Charles Elias

Walking into the dining room of the Palos Verdes Country Club we knew that something special was in store for us. Every place setting had a champagne flute. President Keith Deisenroth was dressed to the 9s in his tuxedo and short black pants. President Keith opened the meeting by introducing Rotary District 5280 Governor Doug Baker, Executive Assistant to the District Governor Joe Vasquez and Assistant District Governor Glen Michell.

Past President Norton Donner manned the sergeant-at-arms desk with his usual aplomb.

Past President Wesley D. Woodruff gave the meeting a nice invocation and a recommendation to see the play Thurgood, which now playing at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood. Paul Rubincam led the meeting in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Dian Ashley led the meeting in singing America the Beautiful.

Kjell-Ake Hellberg pointed out super big red bucket for Rotary members to place food donations. The really big and really red bucket will be at meetings for the indefinite future. Rotarians are requested to donate non-perishable food packages.

President Keith thanked the Educator of the Year Committee for their work and preparations for the upcoming November 3 event. President Keith reviewed the District Newsletter, particularly praising District Governor Doug Baker's article about membership retention. President Keith next directed the meeting to review copies of a letter he received from the Free Wheelchair Mission for this club's donation in excess of $2,000 for the purchase of wheelchairs for disadvantaged people in third world countries. President Keith next directed the meeting to review copies of Christine Barnicki's advertisement for the upcoming Concours D'Elegance which is set for Sat and Sun, Sept 18 and 19. Christine Barnicki's advertisement was professional and beautiful. President Keith next invited Rotarians to attend a Concours D'Elegance pre-party at Malaga Bank's Malaga Cove branch on August 21, 2010, between 5 and 7 p.m.

President Keith next asked the meeting to rise and give a toast Rotary District 5280 Governor Doug Baker and his theme for the coming fiscal year: Making Rotary Bigger, Better and Bolder.

There were no visitors other than District 5280 Governor Doug Baker, Executive Assistant to the District Governor Joe Vasquez and Assistant District Governor Glen Michell. The meeting renditioned the District Governor and his accompanying Rotarians to this club's Welcome Song (© Past President Ed Ray, Sr.). Accompanying the club on the piano was John Schuricht.

Steve Day, dhairperson of the Membership Committee, announced that he is looking for some good ideas about how this club can find new and qualified members. commented that although our head count is now at 59 members we shouldn't have too much attrition in that the average age of this club's membership is 39 years old.

President Keith next held the raffle. Jim Hartman won a bottle of fine red wine. Kjell-Ake Hellberg won a bottle of fine white wine.

President Keith next introduced District 5280 Governor Doug Baker. The District Governor's talk was entitled: "Don't ever squat when you're wearing your spurs."

District 5280 Governor Doug Baker first gave some comments about President Keith. District 5280 Governor Doug Baker first told the meeting that after he first met President Keith he guessed that President Keith was probably from Kentucky. At last year's District 5280 President-Elect Training Session President Keith was the only president-elect who had to be placed in a corner for a time out. District 5280 Governor Doug Baker believes that President Keith's behavior was not his fault but because President Keith is from Kentucky he is, most likely, the victim of inbreeding.

District 5280 Governor Doug Baker is the President of Iridian Capitol. He is a resident of Seal Beach (soon to be incorporated into Huntington Beach). District 5280 Governor Doug Baker related a conversation he had a couple of days before the meeting at the Rotary Club when President Keith told him that because of the summer and people being away, the turn out for the District Governor's visit might be lighter than usual. When the District Governor offered to postpone his attendance until after the summer, our President Keith told him that it would be better to just get the obligation over with.

District 5280 Governor Doug Baker next discussed how Rotary became a service organization. He discussed Rotary's first project, the construction of a ladies toilet in downtown Chicago. Rotary has come a long way. District 5280 Governor Doug Baker implored our club to join with other local and international clubs in working on public service projects. District 5280 Governor Doug Baker concluded with an inspirational account of an incident in El Salvador when Rotary distributed wheelchairs to needy people.

The meeting concluded at 1:30 p.m. with President Keith reminding Rotary Board members that there will be a board meeting next Friday at 1:30 p.m. after the regular Rotary meeting.

Celebrating in August

Derald Sidler   /    Aug 8

Apologies for leaving our esteemed treasurer off the list of August celebrants published last week.