Pictured: David Conforti presented a check for $2,000 raised for the club at the Trump Wine & Beer Fest in July.


Under Aryn Sieber's direction
we're continuing a canned-goods collection
for our Food for Kids program.


and every Friday thereafter.

Speakers' Calendar

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Prez Keith says . . .

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. You may be traveling to the sweltering east coast to escape the June gloom west coast. Is that correct Harry Kitter, Greg Sparkman?

If you are not on vacation, make sure you enjoy our special guests this week. Aryn Sieber's son has returned from Afghanistan and will join us this Friday. Don't miss their visit.

We will also have the privilege of hearing from Andrea Vona on the current undertakings at the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy.

Do not forget those non-perishable food goods for our FOOD FOR KIDS DRIVE.

Membership Chairman Steve Day needs our help also in his efforts to retain and recruit new members. If you have an interest in helping Steve, please contact him. We are presently 60 strong. To be bigger, better, bolder, we need to offer our assistance to Steve in his membership efforts.

See you Friday!

If You Missed Us on August 13

California Budget Woes Affect Justice System

--by Liz Fitzgerald

The sun was shining and everyone arrived at Rotary in good spirits last Friday. Sergeants-at-Arms Phyllis Pelezarre and Kjell Hellberg greeted us with smiles and raffle tickets. President Keith opened the meeting promptly at 12:15 with Bob Gulcher giving the invocation, Greg O'Brien calling on us to pledge allegiance to the flag and Steve Coy leading us in singing "My Country 'tis of Thee." (Steve, by the way, is a good singer and song leader.)

Kjell Hellberg and the Prez Keith introduced our many guests. Rotarians included Marilyn and Chuck Claus of the Sunset Rotary Club, and Russ Gagliano and Dr. John Spalding both former active members of PVP Rotary. John is one of the three founders of our club (1962). Julia Parton's guest was Brenda Green; Greg O'Brien's guest, attorney Mark Ameli; MJ Schoenheider's guest, Joyce and the Rev. Craig Molitoris (the new minister at Mt. Olive Lutheran); Bob Gulcher's guests, Kristin (Bob's daughter) and David Conforti, GM of Trump Golf Course. We entertained our guests with the infamous "welcome song," and did a quick mixing and mingling due to the tight agenda for the day. We also sang "Happy Birthday" to MJ Schoenheider (39 years old) and Russ Gagliano.

Greg O'Brien announced the program speakers for the next two Fridays (see "Programs & Events"- left column this page). Greg is doing an outstanding job as Program Chair - every speaker has been great - and the programs promise to get better and better. Don't miss out - and bring your friends as guests to hear these interesting speakers.

David Conforti presented a check for $2,000 raised for the club at the Trump Wine & Beer Fest in July. Many of our members say this is one of the most fun events of the year - just ask Harry Kitter and Julia Parton for their opinion. We clapped our approval and Prez Keith thanked David and Trump for their support.

Keith shared a message from District Governor Doug Baker thanking our club members for welcoming him last week. Everyone who was there Aug. 6 to meet the Governor and hear his message agrees, he was inspiring, entertaining and informative. For me it was the best District Gov. speech I have ever heard.

The Prez did a remarkable job of covering a bunch of announcements in very short time:

  • Aug. 20 - Aryn Sieber's son, just back from Afghanistan, will visit our club to thank us for the care packages we sent the soldiers in his company.

  • Sept. 24 - The Annual Legislative Forum with panelists Congressman Rohrabacher, State Senator Wright, Assembly member Lowenthal, CO. Supervisor Knabe on the panel.

  • Oct. 15 - Citizen of the Year: PVP Rotary & the Chamber honor Marlene & Steve Young

  • Nov. 3 - Our club hosts the Educator of the Year Dinner

  • Every week - bring canned goods for needy families

And the Prez remembered the raffle: John Cameron and Allan Colman both won wine.

Greg Sparkman demonstrated how to easily access Clubrunner and La Rotacion and to find the club calendar, program speakers and RSVP to events. Greg will continue to give these tutorials throughout the year - don't miss them. He's a great teacher.

Greg O'Brien introduced our program speaker, Judge Michael Vicencia from the California Judges Association. It was alarming to learn how California's economic woes last year impacted our justice system. The courts were forced to decrease days of operation, reduce workforce and close some courtrooms. The result was many businesses and individuals experienced long delays before cases went to trial. Until the state budget is passed, the court system does not know how much money it has to operate in this fiscal year which began July 1. If funding for the courts is severely cut this year, the economic loss to businesses in LA County alone could be as high as $30 million. Judge Vicencia reminded us that our court system is not just another state department, such as the DMV - it is the 3rd branch of our democratic government. The judge challenged us to do our duty to serve on juries when called, and to serve honorably. He said the jury system is essential to a true and fair justice system for the protection of all.