Posted by Brian Saunders on Feb 13, 2018

Annual Rotary Speech Contest

Our program on February 9 was the annual Rotary Speech Contest.   Eight energetic and engaging your people from our local High Schools spoke for up to six minutes on the topic of “Making A Difference.”  Tiana Vibhakar, from Palos Verdes High School, shared with the club how various obstacles “get in the way of life itself.”  She chooses to brighten others’ days by leaving uplifting post-it notes in random locations throughout her day.  Natalie Valvo, from Rolling Hills Prep was inspired by a YouTube video to accept and encourage others “just as they are,” and claimed Ghandi’s mantra: “be the change you want to see in the world.” Ailum Shi, of Palos Verdes Peninsula, reminded the club that making a difference in the world starts with ourselves... 
  Skylar McVicar, from PVHS, and Samantha Liu, from PV Penninsula both shared their experiences of founding clubs and activities for children and disabled individuals in their  schools and community. Spencer Hurst of Chadwick, asked “what is the purpose of life,” answering his own question with, “to help others.”  It is our “corporate, as well as our personal moral obligation,” he said, to “make a difference in others’ lives.  Isabella Hutcheson, from PVHS compared “consumeristic happiness” with “real happiness.”  Using the example of Rosa Parks, she reminded the club that “making a difference begins with one person.”  Finally, using the illustration of water that covers 71% of the earth’s surface, Haley Bledsoe, of PVHS suggested that we should aim to “cover that same amount with kindness.”
Club members were invited to rate each speaker according to a printed rubric.  The winner will advance to the District Contest.