Camp Pendleton Collection Drive
Donations Completed: Monday, January 10, 2022
I want you to know what a huge success the donation drive for Camp Pendleton was over the weekend.  We had 2 collection points in the South Bay (Hawthorne and Manhattan Beach).  We arrived at Camp Pendleton on Monday Morning at about 8am with two 26 foot and one 15 foot UHaul trucks filled with donations.  The Camp Pendleton Rotary Club sent a 20 foot box truck to get what we couldn’t fit in the UHauls.  We also delivered about $500 to $800 (I didn’t count it) in gift cards.  I think this is the single largest donation to ever arrive at the base.  We will do it again in April.  I will let you know about 4 weeks before the event.
Thank you all for your generosity and support.
David Henseler
South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club
Camp Pendleton Committee Co-Chair