It’s a beautiful day to enjoy fellowship, and an eye-opening presentation. In the pre-meeting chat, Marc Mazorow exclaimed that French Polynesia vacation was the one and only trip from which he wished he didn’t have to come home. That made us all excited on anticipating today’s topic “Journey to French Polynesia by Peter Makler.” At 12:01, president Queen Eileen called everyone to attention. Judge Greg provided a soul-searching Inspiration, followed by our newest member Carmenza and wonderful flute playing of patriotic song by Dr. Carol.

  • Jonathan encourage everyone to sign up for credit card dues payment. But if you still want to pay from your checking account, contact Jonathan.
  • Lynn Newman announced the Rotary Bingo night on Thursday, August 20th at 6:00 PM. Bingo cards will be emailed to you to print out. Or you can contact Lynn to mail you a copy. 8/21 will be dark due to the fun game!
  • Lynn also announced the Rotarian in-person gathering on Thursday, August 27th, at 6:00PM in Chamber Commerce parking lot (4040 Palos Verdes Drive N. Rolling Hills Estates, CA). Food and soft drink will be provided, just bring your chair and alcohol. For those who still worry about the virus, Queen Eileen promises to setup a Zoom meeting
  • Next Zoom meeting on 8/28, our beloved Rick Mendoza will host a fun 4-way test Q&A, don’t miss it to learn more about Rotary Club.
  • Queen Eileen highly recommends club members to support the Beirut Relief fund by the District
  • Queen Eileen also asks (begging) members to sign up for the Inspiration, Patriot Song and reporter for our meetings. Please email her.
Finally, the long-waited event of the day. Rick Mendoza presented speaker Peter Makler, a long time Rotarian for San Pedro club, then Reno club and back to San Pedro. Peter is Architect by profession with Civil Engineering experience. Peter loves traveling and scuba diving, he really enjoys trips without itinerary, adventurous!
Peter has enjoyed working with kids through Rotary club, and he really love meeting high quality Rotarians in his traveling. He has many other slide shows of different traveling, like trip to Belize, that he is happy to share with our club if we invite him back. 
Peter started by saying French Polynesia enjoys weather not unlike Hawaii, lots of hiking trails and beautiful scenery. The diving boat they aboard has staterooms for every diver, fully equipped with diving equipment and great staff services for 7 days of diving expedition. He presented so many beautiful pictures, this reporter just have to share them with you:
At Q&A, Peter highly recommend us to get certified for diving before going to French Polynesia, since it’s French, it’s very expensive there, their trip of one week, costed him and his wife about $20K, there are other diving trips that costed half. He always bring his own equipments except weight and tank (you don’t want to take those on board of any plane).
It’s a wonderful day for a wonderful presentation. Thank you Peter. Hope to see you all on the club dine-out on 8/27