May 22, 2020 12:15 PM
Deputy District Attorney Paul Seo
Crime and Punishment in L.A.

RPV resident Paul Seo is a serious and violent crimes prosecutor in Compton District the Office of the Los Angeles District Attorney.  The route he has taken is a bit unusual.  

Seo is a 2004 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy (West Point).  After receiving his commission, he served in South Korea as a company level officer in armor and later with the U.N. Command along the demilitarized zone.  Prior to leaving active service Seo attained the rank of captain.  On returning from Korea, Seo entered the Army Reserve, where he was an assistant combat arms platoon leader at the Los Alamitos Joint Training Base in Orange County.  He separated from the military to pursue studies at Loyola Law School.  In 2017, Seo was accepted into the senior executive training program at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.  Last year he was appointed by the RPV City Council to serve City's Civic Center Advisory Committee (CCAC). 

Seo will be introduced at the club by fellow CCAC member Greg O'Brien.  Do not miss the opportunity to meet this outstanding young leader in our community.  Bring a guest!