Jun 12, 2020
Hon. Ken Dyda, Rancho Palos Verdes City Council
Peninsula cities: Coping with the shutdown

If you have not heard the name Ken Dyda, welcome to Palos Verdes Peninsula.  You are obviously a newcomer.  


This coming Friday, RPV City Council Member Dyda--now serving in his 19th (non-consecutive) year in office, including multiple times as Mayor--has been asked to share with us the history of municipal management over the past three months, as our four local cities have struggled to maintain and coordinate essential services on the hill. 


Ken is a longtime resident and one of the early city fathers of RPV, first becoming an elected municipal leader not long after the city's incorporation in 1973.  An aerospace engineer by day, Ken was dedicated to protecting the peninsula from developers who viewed the spacious and scenic real estate as suitable for maximum density neighborhoods and profitable commercial districts.  Even during a period of 32 years out of elected office, Ken was busy serving on City committees and with community organization boards such as Rancho de Los Palos Verdes Historical Society and the Kiwanis Club of Rolling Hills Estates.  


We are pleased to welcome Ken back to our club for another visit as a speaker and a most knowledgeable source of information about the challenges of leadership and administration during the most difficult days of the pandemic.


Zoom at noon.  The price is free.  Bring a guest!


Greg O'Brien 

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