In case you missed us... January 31, 2019
By: Judy Marsuzko
Club Assembly – members only, all hands on deck!!!
It’s a beautiful pre-summer day for Club Assembly in Palos Verdes Golf Club. President Derald called meeting 5 minutes late so Rotarians can keep the friendship going. Followings are the announcements today:
Announcement #1
  • Liz Fitzgerald announced the most important item – acknowledgement of the member’s birthday in December and January-
    • December: Lynn Newman, Suzy Zimmerman, Mel Shrier (95) and John Cameron
    •  January: Hang Up Moon, Nicki, Julia and Phyllis
  • Liz also announced that she and her hubby are moving to Scottsdale, Arizona; luckily there are 3 Rotary Clubs around so she can stay in Rotary community. Rotarians all agree on a field trip to visit them.
Announcement #2
  • Eileen Hupp announcement:
    • Lynn and Eileen went to Beverly Hills Rotary Club this Wednesday to New Rotary International President, and had a great time also met many other Rotarians, she encourages all members to visit other clubs
    • Nominee Committees presented the Slate of 2020/21 board. There are 3 spots still open for members to grab – Program Chair, Sergeant At Arms and Public Relations Chair. Anyone interested in these positions please contact Eileen
    • Incoming President Eileen encouraged all members to get involve with the club event/activities/running. Any suggestion or idea are welcome to submit
Announcement #3
  • Jennifer Sullivan announced as Club Treasure:
    • Major income for the club is the member dues. There are some members have 120 days past due fees, please pay ASAP.
    • The major expenses are mainly meals, service projects, Paul Harris donation, and Due to the International Rotary Foundation
    • For the monthly dues, Jennifer highly recommends using Credit Card auto pay, it’s free to member and easier for Treasure and the board to manager. Check payment is outdated
    • Recognized Chris Stallions who manages the check deposits and overall help
    • Big thank to John Cameron for helping with club tax prep
Announcement #4
  • Greg O’Brien reports about upcoming programs
    • First, Greg’s dermatologist is treating his skin irritation, the spots on his face is not related to chicken pots or measles
    • Greg highly recommend members to become Program Chair. He’s having a great time doing the job, having a troop of 6 members working with him, it’s a fun and rewarding position
    • Future program includes, not limited to, College students tutoring local kids, CIA-PGA speaker, Join Club assembly, John S. band will be performing on 2/14 (bring your spouse, it’s going to be so much fun), Olympic Triathlon speaker, Deputy District Attorney Paul Saylor as speaker, Head Master from Chadwick as speaker, club picnic etc.
    • There are 6 Fridays still open for program suggestions.
    • Mike Spalding reports about Interact Club at Penn High is a big success, they have had 25-30 regular attendees, 50 more on emailing list. Many great events and volunteer programs happened and the students really enjoyed the experience
Announcement #5
  • Educator of the Year was a great success. The dinner sale produced enough fund to award $30,000 of scholarship, $15K to PV & Penn High, $15K to Boys & Girls Club
Announcement #6
  • Greg Sparkman talked about Beer and Wine Festival
    • 2020 event is scheduled on Sunday, May 17th. As usual a week after Mother’s Day. Gate opens at 12noon for VIP, 1PM for general tickets, closes at 5
    • This time, we plan to have 40 Brewery, 40 Restaurants and 30 Winery to participate. It’s truly one of the kind events that you pay for one ticket and get to enjoy everything, don’t have to pay $5 for a hot dog
    • General ticket is $79, VIP upgrade is $49. Our goal is to have no more than 1500 attendees, like to keep it under 2000 people on field with venders and volunteers
    • There is a Friend and Family discount of $65/ticket. The promo code is rotary2020 Those purchases discount ticket can still upgrade it to VIP tickets
    • Premier parking is $15, option to all ticket purchase, but free for VIP ticket holder
    • It takes over 9 months to plan an event this scale, all volunteers are needed. Urgent need Social Media posting and people to send emails to all venders
    • Our club share of 2019 profit was about $33K, $10K less than 2018 due to the prolong raining on the preceding week. It was a nice sunny day on the event but the ticket sales were down due to the rain
Announcement #7
  • Lynn Newman is coordinating the silent auction; she will be contacting members for donations. The profit from 2019 auction was $39K, a big return
  • Lynn also report as Membership Chair. Her goal is small of 3 new members, there are 2 in pipeline, should be inducted soon. She is asking members to help to bring more prospects in since we had lost a few members due to various reason
Announcement #8
  • Juliet DeMoss talked about the Club Services
    • $1000 granted by the club foundation provided wonderful books for San Pedro YMCA and Boys& Girls Club. The bi-monthly reading program was a success, we also got Interact students to participate. Lynn was such a great reader; the audience grew and grew when she was reading the books in the Y last month, some kids even climbed on her lap to listen. Juliet asked more people to participate. Jennifer asks for members to participate in March and May book reading in San Pedro YMCA
    • Mobile Medical was a great success too. The one in November last year was so popular that they asked for a second one without our cost. There is one coming on May
    • Juliet is asking for volunteer in Valentine Day and Mother’s Day flower distribution to senior centers
Announcement #extra
  • Pianist John announced the success of his daughter’s pet charity case. $500 fund from the Rotary snowball into $2000 which provided 2 bookcase-full of new books for elementary school
  • President Derald announced that Jennifer and Eileen are working on building a new club website. Currently the existing website is posted on Facebook, many old pictures are posted, members should visit it and like it!!!
  • Bob Johnson announced the event in Jonathan Club on Wednesday 2/12, Sully Sullenberger will be the speaker, ticket price $200. He encouraged Rotarians to attend.
Your humble reporter tried very hard to keep all the information in, since English is not my first language (I failed English class in 9th grade, had to take summer school to keep it up, sad!), please forgive any typo or mis-information. Let’s pray for all the people suffering the Coronavirus and keep healthy.
In case you missed us January 24, 2020 – No Report Submitted
January 24 - PVP Rotary and Lomita-Harbor City Kiwanis support our local first responders with a new kitchen.
Thank you to Suzy Zimmerman, Julia Parton and Mark Waronek from Kiwanis for chairing this project. The Lomita Sheriff’s Station kitchen, built back in the 1970’s, was in desperate need of updating. With the two organizations support the kitchen received new appliances, counter tops and cabinet paint. 
See photos on link below.
In case you missed us January 15, 2020 – No Report Submitted
With over 40 art entries, it was tough to choose a winner! Thank you to the students from Chadwick and Rolling Hills Prep for participating.
First Place   Tiffany Huang, Chadwick School, ceramic piece
Second Place  Teel Stevens, Rolling Hills Prep (pictured with Photoshop piece)
Third Place  Isabel Taulli, Chadwick, ceramic piece
Our first place winner will now go on to the District Art Contest on March 14.
See photos on link below.
Proposed new membership request for Tony Tripp. Tony is the Director of Development for the Boys and Girls Club of LA Harbor. Previous Rotary affiliation as a member of the Orange North Rotary club. Derald Sidler is Tony’s sponsor. Please contact Lynne Neuman with any concerns.
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