On August 5th, we had the privilege of hearing Jeremy Brown from the Carson Gardena Dominquez Rotary. He gave a heart-warming presentation on RYLA's  (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy) Summer Camp program.

RYLA happens over a weekend in April. They accept freshman through juniors from schools in the South Bay area and many graduates go on to become counselors in the program. They spend two days doing activities that will help them be better leaders and improve their emotional and mental health. We heard an incredible story of one girl who attended as the dying wish of her mother. This incredible girl went on to win a Gates Award and a scholarship to MIT. She also received a masters and today helps care for her younger siblings and father as a result of her amazing engineering job. 

To scholarship a kid to RYLA camp costs $300. Our club has the ability to sponsor six kids. As of this moment, we have the cost of four kids covered and will be fundraising at our Wednesday Night Lives for the additional two kids.