Rotary Responds to Ukraine

A message from Director Vicki Puliz

The response from Rotary members to the war in Ukraine has been simply incredible. In just a few short weeks, more than $10.4 million has been contributed through the disaster relief channels of Our Rotary Foundation.

This money is flowing into the hands of Rotary members in front-line countries and around the world to help the refugees who are fleeing the war zones, and those who remain to fight for their homeland. The generosity and response to this crisis is amazing.

Take a moment to realize the Disaster Relief channel was set up just three years ago, and in those three years it has attracted approximately $3 million in contributions, before the Ukraine fundraising efforts, to help with the many different types of disasters around our world.

Rotary members step up when they are needed, and we are becoming more engaged in immediate action and care when faced with disasters such as fires, tornadoes, and pandemics. We also continue to stand together, to stand strong, as a positive force in long term recovery and rebuilding and creating lasting change.

The world needs Rotary now more than ever before. Proudly share your stories of why you are part of this incredible leadership and humanitarian service organization.

You are making a difference as people of action.