Jun 05, 2020
National motivational speaker Mark Lipps
Solar Power: The earth's oldest source of energy is new again

Manhattan Beach Rotarian Mark Lipps

Join us this week at Rotary as national motivational speaker and trainer Mark Lipps shares his knowledge of solar energy.  A frequent speaker at Rotary clubs, Mark's presentation on "The Five Wins of Solar" also has been featured by the City of Manhattan Beach at a community forum.  "I have always been a 'green energy guy'," Mark explains, noting his early use of solar panels, rain barrels and even involvement in dry farming.  

Lipps is a graduate of the University of Evansville and has more than 30 years experience as a television industry executive.  He is a former CEO of the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce.  His talk will cover the subjects of recent legislation, the cost of and obstacles to solar, its impact, the evolution of battery power and the future of Southern California Edison.  Learn more about this timely topic and later share your new knowledge gained at Rotary with your non-Rotarian friends.  Bring a guest.